Nutrition is the process by which an organism obtains food from the env't to maintain its life processes.
Food is a substance that contain nutrients.
Nutrients are chemical compounts which when taken into the body can be used to provide energy, build & protect the body.
Examples of nutrients include;


1.Autotrophic Nutrition
Autotrophic nutrition is the type of nutrition where living organism feed on their own food made from organic materials.
Categories of Autotrophic nutrition
Photosynthesis is the process by which living organisms make food from simple inorganic materials using sunlight energy eg.Green plants
Chemosynthesis is the proccess by which an organism make its own food using chemicals eg.Sulphur bacteria

2.Heterotrophic Nutrition
Heterotrophic nutrition is the type of nutrition where an organism feeds on organic materials made by another organism.
Categories of Heterotropic Nutrition
*Category by food they feed on:
Herbivoros - Feed on herbs(Green plants)
Canivores - Feed on Meat(Flesh)
Omnivores - Feed on both Herbs & Meat
*Category by mode of nutrition:
Saprophitic nutrition is the mode of nutrition whereby an organism feeds on dead decaying matter eg.Fungi & Bacteria
Holozoic nutrition is the mode of nutrition where by food is taken in by an organism which is broken into small soluble materials which are transferred to other body parts eg.Humans
Parasitic nutrition is where an organism called a host is fed on by another on called a parasite for its survival eg.A cow & a tick